• Welcome to todayisagoodday.be

Welcome to todayisagoodday.be

This site has been set up to provide users with information about PayPal and other e-wallet service providers. We’ll explain:

  • What is an e-wallet and what are the most popular ones?
  • What is PayPal and how does it work?
  • Information about other popular e-wallets systems including Apple Pay, Neteller, BanContact, and HiPay.

If you browse through the rest of our ‘today is a good day site’, you can also find info about the history of online banking, as well as a few handy resources for those wanting to learn more about e-wallet services.

So, before we go any further – what exactly is an ‘e-wallet’?

An e-wallet is essentially a platform that can be used to make online payments; other methods of making payments online would simply be using a Credit or Debit Card to purchase an item or pay for a service.

E-wallets are cloud-based virtual wallets in which owners can make deposits and withdraw money by linking their own bank account (either by inputting their credit/debit card details or bank account details). The e-wallet account is then used to store money and it can be used as a sort of ‘middleman’ to make future online payments. Users can use their funds stored in their e-wallet simply by inputting a password and possibly other security measures. The benefits over alternative online payment methods include convenience, security, speed and ability to transfer money overseas more easily.


PayPal is the most popular and widely-used e-wallet system. Established in 1998 and now owned by eBay, PayPal has over 200 million active users and operates in over 200 markets worldwide.

The e-wallet system is simple and easy to use. Users first sign up with an email address and then link their bank account either by inputting their credit/debit card details or linking their account directly. After a couple of authentication and security steps, users can then deposit money from their own bank account into their PayPal account. Once processed, these funds can then be used to purchase goods or services online simply by inputting a registered email address and corresponding password.

Payments take a matter of seconds or minutes to complete, however, when withdrawing funds from a PayPal account, users typically have to wait 3-4 days for the process to be completed, just like other popular e-wallet services.

The breadth of businesses that accept PayPal as a banking option is incredible. In fact in recent years PayPal has become a popular banking method with a number of online casinos. The online casino market in Belgium is strictly regulated by the FPS Justice Gaming Division, and PayPal is a popular deposit method. Further details about the various regulated online kaszinó that accept PayPal as a payment method can be found at kaszinohu.com.

Other types of online payment systems recommended by www.todayisagoodday.be

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is another e-wallet system that not only lets you make transactions online, but also in real life through the in-built technology in iPhones and Apple watches.

Similarly to PayPal, Apple users link their own bank accounts with Apple Pay normally via a credit card. Once funds are uploaded, users can use their devices in certain shops to pay for goods and services. Most modern devices use a fingerprint or face recognition to secure the payment process.

Apple Pay was launched in 2014 and is currently available in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and China.


Neteller is one of the oldest and most trusted e-wallet services available today, and has many similarities with PayPal in terms of how it works and how users can make online payments with it. It allows you to send and receive money pretty much anywhere in the world instantly, and is known to be particularly safe and secure.

BanContact/Mister Cash

BanContact is an e-wallet app that allows registered users with deposited funds to make ‘contactless’ payments via their smartphones or other mobile devices. The company was established as an offline payment processor back in 1989, and is currently the market-leader in Belgium. The Bancontact payment system works in three stages: (1) a user enters their PIN code, and then the transaction is verified by confirming whether the user’s card account balance has sufficient funds, (2) calculating the exchange rate of the transaction between the purchaser and the seller, and (3) completing the payment via the software (the app).


Self-confessed ‘payment experts’, HiPay aims to provide a safe, secure and innovative, insights-driven channel for making online payments.

Focussing on B2B payments of all different sizes, the platform focuses on areas such as international development, conversion rate optimization, increased revenue efficiency and fraud protection. Some of their well-known customers using their online payment and analytics system include Ubisoft, The Kooples, and Marie Claire.

We hope the information provided here on www.todayisagoodday.be has been useful, especially if you are looking to explore one of the many options for making online payments with e-wallets. If you would like to get in contact with the admin of ‘today is a good day’, please refer to our ‘Contact Page’.